IPC 7711 7721 Rework and Repair Certification

What Are the IPC 7711 and 7721 Certification Benefits? 

The IPC 7711/21 Training/Certification Program offers those interested in reworking (ie replacing) and repairing physical damage to the PCB training and skills development advanced hands on repair techniques. The program teaches industry-approved techniques on through hole and surface mount rework, land, conductor and laminate repair. The IPC 7711 rework certification training is the pre-imminent “how to” hands-on instruction for PCB rework-that is removal and replacement of components. The IPC-7721 is the hands-on certification course with respect to the physical repair of printed circuit boards.

This train-the-trainer program has the following benefits.

Receive professional recognition of skills and experience.

Acquire certification through formal, educational-based training.

Learn about evolving technologies and tomorrow’s challenges.

Technical certification provides a standard for identifying and evaluating required knowledge, skills, selling and support.

Educational and experimental processes are designed to assure valid, reliable and accurate assessment of knowledge and expertise.

The Program:

The IPC 7711 and 7721 – programs are industry standards for the rework and repair of printed circuit boards.

This training and certification is highly recognized throughout the electronics industry. Many individuals have been trained and certified as IPC 7711/21- Instructors in the program. The IPC 7711/21 Training and Certification provides instructors with high quality materials and detailed instructional plans for training operators.

The IPC-7711 /21 training and certification program has two tiers of instruction. CIT candidates are sent by their parent companies to receive intensive training on the IPC 7711/21 from an IPC-approved certification center. Candidates are certified once they complete their course of study and pass the certification examination and demonstrate the proper skills and techniques.. CIT (instructors) are provided instructional materials for training workers in a 2-5day technician level training program. CITs and CIS candidates for IPC-7111 or IPC-7721 are considered certified for two years after the course completion date. They must then re-certify at an IPC-approved certification site (CITs) or with a certified instructor at the company or at a certification center (CIS).

What Materials do IPC 7711/21 / Instructors (CITs) Receive?

All IPC 7711/21 instructors receive materials for teaching the CIS training course, including: IPC-7711/21.