Private Training

Unlock the Power of Precision Soldering with Customized Private Training!

Is your team ready to take soldering expertise to the next level? Look no further! BEST facilitates opportunities for your company to elevate its soldering skills through our Private Training options.

Choose Your Location:

Say goodbye to the constraints of traditional training venues! With BEST Solder Training, you have the flexibility to bring our world-class instructors and cutting-edge training modules to a location of your choosing. Whether it's at your corporate headquarters, manufacturing facility, or any other preferred site, we bring the training to you.


Mobile Training Center:

Can't find the time to send your team off-site? No worries! Our state-of-the-art Mobile Training Center can roll right up to your doorstep. Packed with the latest soldering equipment and technology, our mobile unit transforms your space into a dynamic training environment, ensuring your team gets hands-on experience without leaving your premises.

Why Opt for Private Training with BEST?

Tailored Curriculum:

Our expert instructors work with you to tailor the training curriculum to meet the specific needs and challenges of your team. From basic soldering techniques to advanced applications, we've got you covered.

Hands-on Experience:

Equip your team with practical skills through hands-on training exercises using real-world scenarios. Our Private Training ensures that your employees not only understand the theory but also master the application.

Dedicated Instructors:

As a certified master IPC and Solder Certification company, your team will benefit from the undivided attention of our seasoned instructors, fostering a focused and engaging learning environment. Have burning questions? Our instructors are there to provide detailed answers and insights – on the spot!

Flexible Scheduling:

We understand that your business operates on a tight schedule. With BEST Solder Training, you have the flexibility to choose training dates and times that align seamlessly with your company's needs and workflow 

Ready to Ignite Excellence in Soldering?

Contact BEST today to discuss your Private Training options. Elevate your team's skills, boost efficiency, and ensure top-notch soldering quality in your operations. Let us bring the training to you, wherever you are!


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