How to Purchase IPC Standards Books

How to Purchase IPC Standards Books

Posted by A on Nov 1st 2021

Have you ever realized how instrumental it is to ensure the quality of printed circuit boards or other electronic assemblies that you produce? Whether it is the satisfaction of your hiring company or the end-users of your PCB-powered products, both equally matter. For any reason, if you try to cut corners during your PCB manufacturing process, the chances are high that you will fail to meet the quality expectations of both parties. And can you imagine what would be the repercussions if that happens anyway? First, you will lose the contract manufacturing project you are currently “working on.” Second, you will cease attracting new electronic hiring firms. Third, you will form a poor reputation in the market as a PCB manufacturer. Fourth, your business might shut down soon due to insufficient projects. So, an “extremely” crucial question arises here, what can you do to prevent your massive business losses? Well, it will help if you buy IPC training materials for your operators, engineers, and inspectors.

“But how could we know which IPC training materials should we buy for our technicians?” you might ask. For that, we must say you can choose the required items from:

1. IPC Standards Book

2. Specification Book

3. Guide Book

4. Reference materials for PCBs

5. Solder Training Kits

6. Wires and Terminals Training Kit, and

7. PCB Repair/Rework Training Kit

In specific cases, if you can’t understand which training material to pick and which to leave, you will be happy to know that a handful of trained staff will always stay at your disposal for guidance purposes if you buy it from a leading electronics shopping site. Besides that, if you have “certain” IPC training and certification-related questions that you want to clarify, they will also let you connect with one of their master trainers for a few minutes. Thus, you need not get concerned about any electronic assembly, repair, rework, or even training issues when you have a trusted electronics ecommerce partner by your side.

With that complete, it’s time to know about the various stages of the PCB fabrication:

What are the five essential phases of PCB assembly?

1. For Design – you need IPC-2221, 2222, 2223 + 7351

2. For Assembly – you need IPC-A-600, IPC-A-610, IPC-A-620

3. For Inspection – you need IPC-A-630

4. For Testing – you need IPC-A-630

5. For Documentation – Individual formats

Where to buy IPC Standards instructional book?

Since IPC Standards are not available at the zero-dollar price point, you can still get them at a discounted rate from the IPC store only if you are an IPC member. If not, there are various other online stores, just like the one we discussed above.

Why do IPC Standards matter?

By complying with IPC Standards available online, you can improve your production processes in multiple ways to achieve high-quality and reliable products that will meet your customer’s expectations.

The endnote

We hope you fully grasped the importance of IPC training materials in PCB assembly, repair, and training. So, if you want to get any of the training documents discussed above, make sure you head to an electronics-centric shopping site now.