What Are Solder Training Kits, and What Are They Used For?

What Are Solder Training Kits, and What Are They Used For?

Posted by Staff - Soldertraining on Jan 13th 2022

Solder Training kits consist of essential tools and state-of-the-art equipment required for basic solder assembly training, PCB rework or repair, and more. The solder training kits come in various configurations that enable you to meet your solder training requirements. It is customized to facilitate your certification program and features real circuit boards representing actual soldering conditions. Besides the circuit board, the kit also consists of various SMT and/or Through-hole components.

IPC solder kits enables you to learn the dynamics of soldering to effectively solder the components on the circuit board surface. It enables you to perform hands-on soldering tasks on SMT, wire and terminals, and through-hole technology efficiently. The kit is designed to provide you an understanding of the real-world soldering challenges by using an industry-standard PCB. IPC solder kits are packaged in a labeled, compartmentalized container. It helps in separating the components from each other. Some of the essential components in IPC J-STD-001 Revision F training kits are:

¼ Watt Resistor

A resistor is a passive electrical component that helps in creating resistance in the electric current flow. The ¼ power rating of a resistor denotes that a maximum power of ¼ watts should be fed into the resistor. If this power wattage exceeds, the resistor may fail to withstand the power and trigger a short circuit, leading to hazardous situations.

DO-35 Diode

The DO-35 (also called SOD27 or DO-204-AH) is a semiconductor package that helps encapsulate signal diodes. It consists of lead-mounted axial devices with round leads. The short leads between the DO-35 and the PCB facilitate good heat conduction into the board. The shorter the leads between the DO-35 body and the PCB, the lower the thermal resistance.

T0 5 Transistor

The TO-5 is a through-hole device. The Transistor Outline (TO) packages provide high process stability, high hermeticity, and high performance to protect sensitive semiconductor components. TO packages includes a TO header and a TO cap. The term ‘hermeticity' indicates a vacuum-tight seal that helps prevent the penetration of moisture and harmful gases into the sealed package. The TO-5 is hermetically sealed to protect devices from environmental factors like moisture and contaminants.


Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier (PLCC)-20 consists of 20 lead components. PLCC packages can be rectangle or square. It is a type of SMD IC package that helps mount ICs on the PCB by directly soldering it to the board or within a socket.


DIP or dual in-line package is a commonly used through-hole IC package. In DIP-16, the number of individual switches on a single DIP switch module is 16 in number. Users can control the electricity flow around a printed circuit board with these switches. When installed on a PCB, DIP switches enable users to customize the behavior of the electronic device, hence exercising precise control over the device’s function to meet defined scenarios or applications.

SOIC-14A SOIC or small outline integrated circuit is a surface-mounted IC package. These packages cover an area about 30–50% less than an equivalent DIP package. A SOIC-14 package has 14 pins altogether. A standardized SOIC has a flat rectangular body, with leads extending from two sides. These leads enable solid footing during PCB assembly.

Besides these components, the solder training kit also includes:

CK06 Capacitor
CK06 Standoffs
1206 Capacitors
0402 Resistors
0805 Resistors
1206 Resistors
1206 Melf

To Conclude:

We provide you with the given components, optimally packaged and labeled in our solder training kits. It is one of the best kits in the niche market that gives you convenient access to the necessary components and helps facilitate your solder training and certification programs.