Why Electronics Assembly Professionals Need a Mobile Training Center

Feb 5th 2021


Amobile training centercan be the perfect solution to all the training problems currently being faced by professionals in the electrical assembly industry. Due to the COVID19 pandemic, many soldering and electronics assembly professionals have had to stop their training and certification programs.

Unfortunately, the electronics industry hasn’t stopped during this period. In fact, demand for consumer electronic products has risen incredibly, especially in the eCommerce sector. As telecommunications-based remote work becomes the norm, the demand for electronics will further increase. Hence, there are tremendous job opportunities for soldering professionals, electronics assembly managers, etc.

The IPC, the central authority in the electronics assembly industry, hasn’t halted its efforts to standardize the industry during the pandemic either. On 7th October, the IPC-A-610 Task Group launched updated IPC-A-610H standards and IPC J-STD-001H standards. All professionals of the electronics assembly industry must know these latest acceptance criteria for electronic assemblies.
However, reading and applying complex standards like the IPC-A-610H isn’t easy. With local laws limiting in-person meetings, it’s hard for soldering professionals to even meet and discuss these standards.

How Can Soldering Professionals Catch Up?

To master the latest IPC standards, all professionals of the electronics assembly industry need to receive IPC-certified training. Plus, IPC certifications are only valid for two years. So, there are several people who need training or re-training for the vital IPC J-STD-001 or the IPC-7711/21 standards.

Thankfully, the best IPC-certified trainers of the country are stepping up to help these professionals in desperate need of training, education, and hands-on guidance. They are using a mobile training center to ‘deliver’ IPC training and certification services. These experts are also offering online courses for professionals who are unable to travel due to local restrictions.

The Need for Mobile Training

As stated before, the IPC and the electronics assembly industry hasn’t halted due to the pandemic. So, why should limited class sizes or bans on social gatherings prevent professionals from investing in the future of their careers? That’s why leading IPC-certified trainers and educators haven’t halted their services either. They’ve diversified their training services and now allow both online and ‘delivery’ training for professionals.

Here’s what ‘delivery training’ means –

Professionals can visit the IPC-certified training teams’ conveniently-located educational centers. They can check which training center is closest to them and receive detailed and in-person training regarding IPC guidelines. These centers constantly attract the best soldering and assembly professionals of the industry. Visits to these IPC training centers can serve as the perfect “break periods” for professionals. During their “breaks,” they can gain their certification and, more importantly, hands-on guidance on some of the latest IPC guidelines.
These training centers can also be transported to company facilities. Companies can benefit a lot from investing in their employees’ training. The IPC-certified educators can even bring training materials to these facilities.
Or, the IPC-certified educators can bring their trucks to a company facility (full of training materials and the soldering equipment) and provide training and certifications in the most time-efficient way possible.
The “new normal” needs to be as convenient as possible for the future leaders of the PCB industry. That’s what these educators want!