Why Leading PCB Manufacturing Companies are Turing to the BEST Mobile Training Center During the Pandemic

Why Leading PCB Manufacturing Companies are Turing to the BEST Mobile Training Center During the Pandemic

Mar 2nd 2021

The use of the best mobile training centers recognizesthe array of challenges that the COVID19 pandemic has caused for the electronics manufacturing industry. That’s why these IPC-certified training service providers have taken significant steps to create healthy training environments for industry professionals. These temporary modifications to IPC training programs are designed to ensure all industry professionals receive their certifications without any interruptions.

The Need for Mobile Training

Concerns regarding the new strains of coronavirus and how rapidly they can spread have crippled various industries, including the global electronics manufacturing industry. The best mobile training centerexperts are prioritizing the safety of industry professionals during this time. Since receiving IPC certifications and recertifications are key to the career advancements of all professionals involved in the PCB manufacturing industry, these training experts have taken all steps to make in-person training programs as safe as possible.

Leading IPC-certified instructors are amplifying their cleaning programs.

These trainers are constantly cleaning all hard surfaces.

They provide cleaning products in all classrooms and restrooms.

Students are encouraged to reschedule if they don’t feel well enough to attend classes. No penalties are levied for rescheduling.

All training programs are ‘socially distanced.’ Industry professionals are seated at safe distances.

While these measures for on-site and face-to-face training sessions are helpful, leading IPC-certified trainers also understand that it’s not possible for every industry professional to attend classes during this period. Even the IPC was generous enough to temporarily authorize 90-day extensions for all industry professionals with expiring certificates.

IPC has promised to reevaluate the situation regarding delays in certification in April 2021. But, many industry professionals are extremely concerned about the knowledge they’re missing out on by not being able to attend IPC training programs. For such professionals, the top IPC-certified trainers have created ‘mobile training facilities.’

Advantages of Mobile Training

Mobile training facilities are 18-wheeler vehicles that contain all the tools and equipment needed to carry out training and certification sessions. These customized vehicles pull up to manufacturing sites, plug into generators, and kickstart the training processes.

The vehicles contain LCD TVs or high-quality monitors so that all students can clearly visualize the concepts they’re learning.

To minimize the touching of hard surfaces (and risking virus transmission), these IPC-certified instructors stick to teaching methods and are not currently focusing on equipment-specific training.

Be it a military establishment or a small manufacturing plant – mobile training centers can pull up to any location. They can bring their equipment and even carry their own generators. All manufacturing companies need are workforces that are eager for learning and certification.

The IPC itself is presently in the process of incorporating mobile training centers into their training programs as well.Receiving IPC certification is the most important task for all electronics assembly professionals. Updating these certifications by receiving re-training is equally important. However, during the pandemic, maintaining health and following government protocols supersedes all responsibilities. Thanks to mobile training centers, industry professionals don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. They can receive convenient training while maintaining strict health and safety standards!