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Solder Training, and Consulting

BEST employs some of the most experienced instructors in the electronics industry. BEST has, over its 20+ year history, developed many of its own hands-on classes and modified the material along the way in order to stay current with the latest in industry standards. Our experiences as rework product and process developers as well as our experience as a contract rework and repair service provider, forms the basis of our practically-oriented solder training. We offer standard and customized classes for SMT, Advanced SMT, BGA and leadless device rework. In addition we offer classes in wire harness and electronics assembly to suit a variety of customer requirements. These assembly and rework classes are offered on-site at your business or at our headquarters near Chicago, Illinois or in our mobile training center. All classes are taught by instructors who not only know the material but have also performed the techniques thousands of times on our customer's boards to prove their "real life" effectiveness and reliability. Additionally, if you need an outside set of eyes to have an independent evaluation of your soldering techniques, review your internal training program or administer solder tests, use BEST as your resource.


The IPC J-STD-001 Requirements for Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies is the international standard for electronics assembly. BEST classes are built with our understanding of the latest version of this assembly specification along with our practical experiences in PCB assembly, rework and repair. The BEST SMT Assembly Class along with the Best Practices class provides for a practical overview of the SMT assembly process while the 101 classes are designed for those unfamiliar with the basics of hand soldering or wire/terminal soldering.


The IPC-A-610 Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies is the most widely used acceptability standard for determining the quality level of assembled electronics. This standard is used as a basis for our own Inspection of PCBs class. This class is intended to get those somewhat familiar with the standard “trained up” on the inspection techniques and strategies of PCB inspection. This BEST hands-on inspection course takes those with specification knowledge and tests them with the real world challenges of PCB inspection.


In addition to the IPC 7711 and IPC 7721 PCB Rework and Repair classes, BEST offers customized classes to meet your specific PCB rework and repair training needs. All of the BEST classes are in accordance with the latest IPC-7711 and 7721 standards. BEST classes are heavy hands-on instruction of modern PCB rework and repair techniques and are designed to significantly raise the skill set of the student by emphasizing proven soldering techniques. Students are evaluated on their hands-on work by BEST instructors. Our repetitive series of tasks methodology has been proven to take away real world PCB rework and repair skills back to the workplace. The Mixed Technology rework class is a strong overview of both throughhole and SMT rework techniques while the SMT rework and Advanced SMT Rework classes are focused on surface mount component rework. BGA rework and Leadless Device Rework are more focused component rework classes.


IPC/WHMA-A-620 is an industry consensus standard for cable and wire harness fabrication and installation used by both military and commercial contractors. BEST classes are built on the latest standards for wire harness and cable assembly. The BEST Wires and Terminals 101 class is designed for those who are not familiar with wire preparation, terminal soldering and other similar skills. The Wire and Cable Harness Assembly class is a hands-on skills heavy class teaching students the basic building blocks of hands-on cable and wire harness assembly.


BEST instructors can teach your inhouse trainers or teach associates on the implementation of ESD protection practices . BEST instructors will instruct on the how to protect sensitive assemblies and components, how to control ESD by working in ESD protected areas and workstations, proper mitigation techniques, proper handling techniques and use of personal grounding devices.

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