IPC Online Certification

How to Earn an IPC Certification Online          

In order to accommodate the ongoing needs of the electronics assembly industry for IPC certification during the pandemic, IPC online certification training can be accomplished by BEST. This training is accomplished through the use of a remote online video platform utilizing a BEST IPC master instructor. Online proctoring, online demonstrations and online displays of examples, photos and videos in addition to the live lectures are used to provide the instruction.

There are a variety of certifications which can be accommodated via remote lecture-based classes for CIS, CSE and CIT IPC online certification candidates. The IPC training classes which are offered by BEST through a lecture-based remote training option are as follows:

IPC-A-610 Acceptability of Printed Wiring Boards. Acceptance criteria for assembled printed circuit boards including terms, definitions and acceptance criteria are taught with an emphasis on navigating the standard.

IPC/WHMA-A-620 Acceptability of Cable and Wire Harness Assemblies. This training class involves learning the terms, definitions and acceptance criteria for cable and wire harnesses.

IPC-A-600 Acceptability of PCBs. Printed circuit board standards and how to apply them is taught in this class.

IPC J-STD-001 CIS Module 1 Requirements for Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies. Assembly terms and concepts in the manufacturing of PCBs and wires and terminals is taught in this class.

Each of these online IPC Certification courses is taught by a master instructor. The instructor is teaching via an online web conferencing service to deliver the training including slide decks, photos, pre-recorded and live videos. BEST students can interact with instructor through the sharing of photos and videos from their PC/tablet, audio or an integrated chat window or audio The minimum requirement for each student is an internet connection and a browser in order to let this remote learning can take place.

Each of the students also needs to have access to the appropriate IPC standard for the topic at hand. BEST can ship and provide a standard for the student as long as the proper time is allotted for shipping out a copy of the standard. Downloadable, immediately available IPC standards are also available.

Certification testing can conducted and proctored through the IPC EDGE learning platform. Each student needs to have the following:

-       Internet connection via browser with administrative rights on a PC or tablet or netbook computer

-       Microphone

-       Web Cam

As long as the hardware is installed along with installed AI software human and software monitoring of the testing process on the student’s machine along with human monitoring testing can take place remotely. These safeguards are put in place in in order to maintain the integrity of the certification.

For those being certified for the first time or who do not use the standard often in their work or when a revision is being implemented, a full certification or re-certification class is recommended. This will provide for the necessary clarification to the student.

BEST can provide online training and certification testing as an IPC training center. Contractual or quality system requirements means the continued certification and re-certification of operators and instructors can be accommodated through the online certification testing program.

To have your questions answered or to schedule an online IPC training please call BEST at 847.797.9250 or send mail to info@solder.net.

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