IPC A-610 CIT Recert Training

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IPC 610 Training and Instructor Recertification

IPC 610 Training is a 2-day long lecture course for anyone needing to renew their existing IPC-A-610 CIT instructor certification. Attendees will review the IPC-A-610 standard and successfully complete open and closed book exams in order to renew their 610 Instructor certification. Every 24 months a re-certification is required and one of the ways to do this is to attend an IPC 610 Training and CIT instructor re-certification class. Other methods include challenge testing or sitting for an entire IPC-A-610 CIT instructor certification class. This IPC 610 Training & certification class is designed for instructors who then teach associates in the standard using the certification standard training materials, samples, photos and video.  

This class consists of both lecture and discussion of real-world problems associated with make “calls” on IPC-A-610 inspection criteria. The depth of knowledge and experience of  BEST customers and the length of their involvement with the IPC 610 Training program usually makes for lively discussion when you attend BEST IPC-A-610 instructor recertification classes.

What’s in the IPC-A-610 CIT instructor re-certification class?


  • Introduction -Establishing and Maintaining Program Integrity, CQI
  • Foreword, Applicable Documents, and Handling
  • Hardware
  • Soldering
  • Terminal Connections
  • PCB,s and Assemblies
  • Through-Hole Technology.


  • Surface Mount Assemblies
  • Component Damage
  • Discrete Wiring
  • High Voltage
  • Open Book Examination
  • Closed Book Examination

How long does it take?

The IPC 610 Training and CIT instructor re-certification class take 2 days.

What do I get?

Access to IPC EDGE where all of the instructor materials can be found.