IPC A-610 CIS Recert Training

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IPC 610 CIS Re-Certification

Students in this IPC 610 CIS re-certification class will review the IPC 610 Acceptability of Electronic Assembly standard. This class is intended to be at a pace that assumes the students utilize the standard in the workplace. When there are revisions and/or amendments to this standard, students will discuss applicable changes. Students in the class will be able to make the correct “accept/reject” decisions for the appropriate classes of products based on the acceptability requirements found in the IPC 610 standard. 

The IPC 610 Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies standard will be reviewed (fast-paced) in its entirety. As an option, we can also instruct a customized version to multiple students requiring specific knowledge consisting of a few of the modules applicable to the business. As part of the re-certification requirements for certification, IPC-A-610 CIS candidates must score at least a 70% on each exam.

What’s in the class?

MODULE 1 (Required Prerequisite)
IPC Professional Policies and Procedures

MODULE 2 (Required Prerequisite)
Application Documents & Handling

MODULE 3 (Optional)
Hardware Installation

MODULE 4 (Optional)
Soldering (Including High Voltage)

MODULE 5 (Optional)
Terminal Connections (Requires Modules 4 & 8 prior to taking)

MODULE 6 (Optional)
Through-hole Technology (Including TH Jumper Wires) (Requires Modules 4 & 8 prior to taking)

MODULE 7 (Optional)
Surface Mount Assemblies (Including SMT Jumper Wires) (Requires Modules 4 & 8 prior to taking)

MODULE 8 (Optional)
Component Damage and Printed Circuit Boards and Assemblies

MODULE 9 (Optional)
Solder-less Wire Wrap

Open and Closed Book Exams
Review of Test Results

What do you get?
In IPC 610 Certification you will get a review of your knowledge on looking up anything in the standard as well as how to apply the standard. Successful students walk away with a recertification of their 2-year industry credential.