IPC A-620 CIT Training Space Hands-on

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IPC/WHMA-A-620 Training for Instructor, Space, Hands-on

The IPC-A-620 training for instructors (CITs) in the space program is a hands-on program centered on the IPC-A-620 Requirements and Acceptance for Cable and Wire Harness Assemblies, the well-recognized document for wire and cable harness acceptance criteria. This program is for those desiring to be instructors in this program.

IPC-A-620  instructor certification class for hands-on fabrication of wire and cable harnesses for space teaches instructors to be able to describe the acceptability criteria for crimped, soldered and mechanically secured interconnections.  In addition the instruction includes hands-on demonstrations for the skills portion of the class with the CIT candidates having be able to demonstrate same. 

The IPC-A-620 training for space hands-on instruction program is an industry-developed training and certification course. It includes access to the training, certification, and instructional materials based on the IPC-A-620 as well as the tools and materials required for teaching the hands-on space version of the class. IPC trainers, once certified and trained, go back to their respective companies with high-quality materials and detailed instructional outlines in order to train IPC-A-620 Space, hands-on candidates. 

IPC A-620 Training For Instructor Program, Space, Hands-On Benefits

Certification demonstrates the commitment to customer requirements and greatly facilitates certification to ISO certification or other quality assurance initiatives. By having earned this portable credential, you’ll receive immediate recognition, legitimacy, and value throughout the electronics industry.

Once instructors have been certified the IPC-A-620 certification space hands-on program can be used inside a given organization to train associates. At this point, the firm can pick and choose, outside of a few general modules, what information all of the associates will be trained to. Most companies have a minimum a couple of instructors so that in the event one of them is busy the other can provide instruction.

What’s in the IPC A-620 CIT Space Hands-on class? 

Measure and cut wire/cables, strip, and tin wires.

Assemble and solder terminals, crimp formed contacts (insulated and non-insulated), crimp stamped/machine contacts.

Assemble BNC connectors to coaxial cable, RJ45 plugs, and ribbon cable.

Bundle wires and cables using tie wraps, spot ties and continuous lacing

Attaching wires to IDC connectors

Wire splicing

Coaxial wire terminations

Routing of wires using ty-wraps, ;acing and cord

Cutting, sizing, application and shrinking of shrink tubing

Documentation of wire and cable harness assemblies-reading, interpretation

How long does the IPC-A-620 CIT Space H?ands-on course take?

5 days


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