IPC J-STD-001 CIT Training

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IPC J-STD-001 Training For Instructor | IPC J STD Training

The IPC J-STD-001 training for the instructor is a certification training class on the Requirements for Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies. This is a worldwide standard with wide acceptance on the assembly of printed circuit boards. The IPC J-STD-001 training describes methods, materials as well as verification criteria for producing soldered interconnections to boards, wires, and terminals. The IPC J STD training standard focuses on process control for the assembly of a wide range of electronic products.

The IPC J-STD-001 training and certification program is a multi-tiered program which is key in meeting the requirements as an ANSI-approved 3rd party training program for ISO  or AS quality control system requirements, The IPC-J-STD-001 is an industry derived and accepted training program providing comprehensive, hands-n soldering training. This gives companies adopting the program the assurance that they can meet the industry standards for assembly of electronic products.

IPC J-STD-001 CIT training program for the instructor is a part of the multi-tiered training programe administered and developed under the guidance of the IPC. Master trainers, employed by training centers or solder consulting companies provide the training services. Companies requiring certification of their employees seek the services of a Master trainer who teaches the company staff members on the IPC JSTD Training CIT program. Instruction on both the standard as well as hand soldering skills and assembly is part of the training program. The certification program uses the demonstration of soldering skills via lab work as well as demonstrations to teach students and instructors in the methods for assembly.

IPC J-STD-001 instructor candidates must successfully complete the “hands on“soldering portions of the class as well as the classroom learning of how to navigate the specification.  One tier down, the application specialists of CIS’ go through a modularized training program within boundaries of what is required for the specific business. For example, some companies who only solder wires between board sub-assemblies may choose to train on the introductory to the standard section as well a the wires and terminals section and NOT touch the section on SMT and through-hole assembly.

The IPC-J-STD-001 instructor training requires the use of lead-free solder for at least 50% of the soldering projects. The type of solder alloy used for application specialist training is optional and is based solely on the company’s end customer requirements.

IPC J-STD-001 training program for Instructor provides CIT candidates with a portable credential. In addition, the IPC-J-STD-001 instructor program is offered as a service to industry, therefore its adoption is not a precondition for any company to purchase the standard or claim that they build a product to its requirements.

What’s in the IPC J-STD-001 Instructor class?

IPC J-STD-001 instructors have to know how to navigate the specification as well as being able to demonstrate soldering skills with respect to wires, terminal and both SMT and through-hole component mounting. Finally, the instructors will have to be able to demonstrate inspection skills.


  • Intro and course overview
  • Safety in the assembly area
  • General requirements of J-STD-001
  • Material requirements
  • Equipment requirements
  • General soldering requirements
  • General assembly requirements
  • Board level requirements
  • Cleaning process requirements


  • Wire and terminal assembly
  • Wire and terminal soldering
  • Wire and terminal demos
  • Wire and terminal bench work by students
  • Through-hole mounting and terminations


  • Throughole demos
  • Throughole student bench work
  • SMT requirements for soldering and assembly


  • SMT hand soldering demos
  • SMT student bench work
  • Coating and Encapsulation
  • Rework and repair
  • Product quality assurance if time permits the practice of QA skills


  • Review
  • Instruction on CQI-test taking and administration of the program
  • Open Book Exam
  • Closed Book Exam

How long does it take?
5 days

What do you get?
Everyone who successfully completes the program will receive instructional materials necessary for conducting Certified IPC Specialist Training:

  • Certification
  • An Instructor Guide for IPC J-STD-001 Application Specialist Certification through the IPC EDGE Platform
  • Access to the J-STD-001 testing portal for certifying CIS candidates 
  • Access to the course material via the IPC EDGE platform for training J-STD-001 CIS candidates
  • IPC EDGE access containing forms, handouts, and visuals
  • CIT Survival Guide on the IPC EDGE platform

 This particular course material is taught for those wishing to have an IPC J-STD-001 certification as an instructor. Therefore IPC J-STD-001 Training & certification program is designed for assembling electronic assemblies or attaching wires and cables to electronic assemblies as per IPC standards.  The IPC J STD Training program credential is valid for a two year. Potential candidates for IPC Training program should have at least a 5th-grade reading comprehension level.